Join Ascendance for Film Friday 6pm Friday 29th January 2021

January 28, 2021

Join us live stream from Facebook and YouTube, tomorrow at 6pm Friday 29th January for the premier of a short R&D dance film entitled “I walked across”, set to the pensive track “Sans Land” by Beta Radio directed by Devon Armstrong in collaboration with Ascendance.

The dancers wade through the water at the River Wharfe where they explore their senses in the fresh late summer air. The stick replaces another body in space to dance with, bridging the gap to connect with each other and the environment around us.

I'm lost in
Whatever I believe
But the one path's grown up
Like me

Choreography Rachel Wesson & Dancers: Emma Clayton, Izzy Brittain, Caroline Leung & Kathryn Spence.
#dance #shortfilm #athome #cinema #fridayfilm #ascendance #music #choreography #leedsinspired Here are the links where you can watch: