Ascendance wins Sport England Funding

June 21, 2022

Marie Curie Hospice Bradford and Ascendance are launching a new Neuro Dance Exercise course for people with Parkinson's, MS and other neurological conditions!

With £7200 funding from Sport England, Ascendance are encouraging more people to return to exercise after isolating periods in lockdown. For people with neurological conditions the benefits of exercising regularly are an important part in helping to reduce the progression of symptoms. Social activities like this can play a crucial part in retaining social connection and mobility.

The sessions will run for 6 weeks, starting on Wednesday 22nd June 10.30am - 11.30am.

We are delighted with our grant from Sport England which means that we can re-launch this class after it was halted over 2 years ago when the Pandemic took hold. It’s so important that physical and wellbeing classes like this this return to keep people connected and engaged back in the community

Artistic Director, Rachel Wesson

Maintaining core strength, posture and agility is key to keeping mobile and preventing falls. Our specialist classes are an extension of traditional physical therapy. With this offer, we hope to promote mental and physical wellbeing with dances from around the world. It’s fun and guaranteed to keep participants feeling more energised and motivated. There are low to high intensity adaptations with seated and standing variations to suit different abilities.

The classes will help people to:

  • Stay Active for Longer
  • Delay progression of symptoms
  • Join a supportive community
  • Develop new neuropathways from the mind to body
  • Help improve balance, coordination and flexibility

To sign up please contact or Tel 07933 685359 for further details. There is also an online registration:


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