Ascendance films

360 VR Dance Surrounds

During 2018-2019 Ascendance launched a series of unique opportunities in dance and the moving image, exploring a range of digital platforms to highlight the creative talents of our Dancers with Parkinson’s. Collaborating film artist Lucy Barker introduced 360° VR film as a transformative and subtle way of capturing interactions and expressions of class members leading to an innovative and immersive viewing experience.

Our professional team of dancers and teachers teamed up with 8 dancers with Parkinson’s working in Leeds and Bradford to explore a variety of dance styles and genres to provide the spring board for a new platform of work to emerge. 

Interactive workshops led participants to experience a new dance environment inside VR providing us with the opportunity to gather sensory feedback from the groups, sharing the captured film footage with participants to inform the next phase of the project. 

We have also been doing some location test shots filming in 360° across Saltaire which you can view on our Vimeo channel, and in our video gallery.

360° VR Dance Film - PORTAL

 This film captures the rehearsal process of Ascendance's 'Dance with Parkinson's' class, featuring experimental 360° footage taken across Saltaire World heritage locations.

The final filming to produce the Virtual Reality project and inclusion in Saltaire Arts Trail was sadly halted in March 2020 as the Pandemic took hold. This is a celebration of the remarkable dedication of a community of dancers who still dance together on Zoom and now back in person.