Dance Classes

"Let's Dance" Classes

This class is designed for older adults who want to STAY ACTIVE FOR LONGER. They are particularly good for people with MOBILITY RESTRICTIONS or MOVEMENT DISORDERS at any age. Our exercises are specifically designed so that they can be carried out SEATED OR STANDING with low to high intensity adaptations

Dancing with PArkinson's

This class is specifically designed for adults with Parkinson’s who want to STAY ACTIVE FOR LONGER and help prevent the progression of the disease.

We aim to get people up and moving by connecting the mind to body in a series of fun and enjoyable dance exercises and routines. With our specialist knowledge of the condition, our experienced teachers know how to get the best out of you and recognise that no two days are the same. You will be welcomed by our friendly dance teachers and in every class we will motivate you to get the most out of the sessions to feel more mobile and positive. Each group is supportive and welcomes new members. Give it a go or telephone to discuss whether it could be something for you.

"The whole group is lovely – supportive and friendly, makes us both feel less isolated. Thursday afternoon is now fun for both of us; I benefit from the exercises both physically and mentally"

What type of dance is it?

Classes explore a range of dance styles and music genres to ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy. This term we will be learning some dances from around the world, having fun dancing to musical songs and pop hits to really get you FEELING GOOD.

How will dance help me stay mobile and active?

Our warm-up energises the body, developing mind to body pathways, keeping the body FLEXIBLE and obtaining optimal POSTURE. The BALANCE section develops CORE STRENGTH, concentration and fluidity followed by footwork and easy to follow dance phrases for COORDINATION.

Do I need a partner?

No partner is necessary, but you are welcome to bring a friend or family member.

Can I join if I have no dance experience and two left feet?

Yes! Classes are suitable for those new to dance and challenging enough for those with previous dance experience. We welcome new members at any point in the term. 

All Classes are currently on Zoom

£4 per session

If you have any questions, or would like to sign up for classes, please contact us.
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