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which also led to a new model called 'My Town' and 'My Heritage' which was rolled as part of the company's general education programme. The repertoire developed would be used as a basis

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Oral History

  What is oral history?
  How do I conduct an oral history interview?
  What equipment should I use?
  Copyright and ethics also available as audio info sheet
  Who can help: contacts and research sources
  How can I be safe while interviewing?
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Music by Lanre Phillips

Track 1 My Bingley
Track 2 Bing Bounce


Drama Script by Drama Artist Anyo Jones

Dotty: The working day started reight early, (Lucy) In fact it started in t’middle o’ neet,
It started wi’ sound of Knocker-Ups clogs Going clack, clickerty clack up street.

Rose: Knocker-Up round our way was called Sally,
(Georgia) It was a woman who got ‘em all out o’bed, She didn’t need a stick with all t’wires at end, Her clogs would have wakened t’dead.

Victoria: I used to wonder why a woman did this job, (Lauren) She was out t’rain, hail and sleet, I used to wonder who wakened her up, Or if she stayed up all neet.

Louise: Soon t’mill buzzer ‘ud start to blow, (Naomi) You’ve never heard such a row,
It used to rattle all pots in t’cubourd, And all dogs ‘ud start to howl.

Abbey: And mill lasses ‘ud go pattering past, (Sophie) There’d be Mothers and Aunties and Sisters,
There’d be Menders and blenders and Perchers,
And Bobbing-liggers, Doffers and Twisters.

Amy: Lifes blood o’mill were these lassies, ( ) Working from morning to neet, Allus laughing and joking, Especially on Friday neet.

Text by Anyo Jones & Ascendance Youth Group

Victoria (Lauren): My Bradford was a rolling, beautiful landscape.

Louise (Naomi): My Bradford was transformed into a sea of Textile Mills.

Rose (Georgia): My Bradford was the fastest growing town in the UK.

Abbey (Sophie): My Bradford was the worsted Capital of the World.

Amy ( ): My Bradford was Nicknamed Wordstedopolis.

All the Cast: Wordstedopolis?
Amy ( ): Wordstedopolis.
Dotty (Lucy): My Bradford was filled with thousands of workers from all over the word.

All Cast: Our Bradford at Cottingley Worsted Mill.