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Project aims

• To work with participants from ‘Ascendance Youth’ to explore, celebrate and increase their awareness and enjoyment of the diverse history of Cottingley, through researching, recording, interpreting, creating and presenting materials, visuals, documents and oral history.

• To engage with a wide range of groups and individuals to challenge and break down barriers concerning race, religion and generational gaps, and encourage integration and building of inter faith relationships within the local and wider area of Cottingley.

• To increase and promote confidence, self-esteem, health and well being through a range of activities.

• To support the aims of Cottingley Cornerstone Centre, which include providing regeneration in Cottingley, shared spaces for interaction and social action, and opportunities for local people.

• To provide young people with practical experience and a range of opportunities within a variety of areas such as planning, research, interviewing, filmmaking, marketing, project management, presentation, design and evaluation.

• To produce a range of educational materials and resources which support teachers/youth leaders to help explore heritage with young people and to explore intergenerational work.

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